Non-market valuation methods for tourism – Webinar 07 March

06 March 2023

In the first week of March, we continue with a series of webinars within the NEST project. The next event will be the first of many that will include professors and researchers of the SUSTEEMS PhD programme and the Department of Economics of the University of Trento, an institution that collaborates this year with CAST in the organization of online events. The meeting is planned for Tuesday 07 March at 16.30 CET. There will be two presentations by four researchers:

Non-market valuation methods (1): The economic value of natural resources for recreation and tourism – Carlo Fezzi, Alice Bartolini (UNITN)

Non-market valuation methods (2): What are your future visitors actually looking for? Use of valuation methods to understand visitors’ preferences – Sandra Notaro, Fabio Cevenini (UNITN)

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