NEST 2020

NEST 2020 - Breeding ideas for a sustainable future

NEST 2020

Project NEST 2020 started in 2022 and represents a continuation of the activities developed in previous years within the framework of the NEST project and cooperation between CAST and AICS.

NEST 2020 aimed at maintaining the active interlink between the members from different countries and academic staff in Italy and working jointly on topics closely related to project’s scope.

The organized activities further advanced the background in sustainable tourism development of the members of the network and provided them with opportunities to gain knowledge in novel topics and approaches to more responsible travelling sectors.

To this end, the network has organized multi-scale online meetings that created space for joint work and debates, allowing all participants to actively contribute to the NEST activities and to share their experience from the field.

NEST 2020 is based on four main lines of action: ​

  • continuous platform development with new functions and network animation, including implementation of  new topics;
  • activation of webinars and online training activities, and dissemination of project results (local and global);
  • support for the development of project ideas relevant to local economies;
  • final joint dissemination event.

The main goals of the project are the following:

  • advance knowledge of network members in sustainable tourism development with new topics to be discussed together;
  • enhance projects of sustainable tourism with new actions and practices;
  • make our platform and network useful tools for development of sustainable tourism projects;
  • become an example for a good practice in sustainable tourism education;
  • attract new members, organizations,  stakeholders, project financial supporters and experts;
  • favor spillover to other countries and sectors.