NEST Webinar #5

27 April 2023

In the last week of April we have our fifth webinar within the NEST project. The event is planned for 27 April at 16.30 CET. We will host three presentations, with speakers coming from different institutions. One of the speakers is NEST Alumni – Lucy Atieno from Kenya and we will have an opportunity to hear about her ongoing research. Lucy will present together with Fabio Cevenini from the University of Trento on management actions in the marine environment and they will showcase how fishery management and climate adaptation can impact coastal tourism. Titles of all three presentations are the following:

Marine environment management actions: Climate adaptation in coastal and ocean-based tourism - Lucy Atieno (Leibniz ZMT)
Marine environment management actions: The role of management in balancing different fishery dimensions for sustainable small-scale fishery - Fabio Cevenini (UNITN)
Values-based placemaking: humanistic tourism destinations - Stefan Lazic (UNITN/ CAST)

You can register for the event at this link FORM