Ibero-American Culture Festival this October in Holguin (Cuba)

23 March 2023

Casa de Iberoamerica and the Provincial Directorate of Culture in Holguín (Cuba) announce a call for specialists, intellectuals, artists, and residents in Cuba and other countries interested in cultural tourism to participate in the XXIX Edition of the Ibero-American Culture Festival. The festival will take place from October 24 to 30 2023, celebrating on this occasion the 30th Anniversary of the Founding of Casa de Iberoamerica. The Festival is a project where theoretical, artistic, community and sociocultural events come together, fostering exchanges on each occasion, and keeping alive the conscious spirit that is also saved through art. The festivity will be the ideal context for a meeting of cultures in different spaces, highlighting different topics that form cultural identity:

casa de iberoamerica

For more information and registration please contact:
MSc. Isaíris Rojas París, Director of Casa de Iberoamérica at directorciber@casaiberoamericana.co.cu / iparis82@gmail.com
and Lic. Liliana Avilés Sánchez, International Affairs Specialist at avilesliliana899@gmail.com