Hana Sham Scent webinar – What makes Tripoli one of Levant’s unique cities

04 April 2023

We invite you to a webinar organized by one of the NEST project alumni, Ghadeer Najjar, an architect and expert in cultural tourism. The event is part of her project “Hana Sham Scent” and a webinar series “City Talk Series: Discussions on the Levant city history, heritage and food” that Ghadeer is coordinating this spring.

The title of this event is “What makes Tripoli one of Levant’s unique cities”, and will be presented in Arabic by Bassem Zawdeh, a Lebanese Tripolitan architect interested in the city’s history and architecture. He works on preserving the heritage and shedding light on its beauty through personal initiatives and walking tours. His recent project was documenting the Islamic geometry of the city found in the ancient mamluk and ottoman monuments.

This webinar will introduce you to the city of Tripoli, a Levantine gem currently in need of urgent restoration, documentation and conservation works. We will start with a historical context, citing the civilizations which conquered the city and their impact and influences. Afterwards, we will understand the current urban fabric of the city in addition to some of its architectural landmarks. Finally, we will learn what shaped the current unique architectural style found in the historical district.

The event is planned for Tuesday, 04 April 2023 at 16:00 Jerusalem time. Here’s the link to participate https://us04web.zoom.us/j/74740699000?pwd=aydXKTmybcbac3VaCQiG9NH1Tyu4mC.1

Ghadeer Najjar is an architect From Beit Jala based in Jerusalem holding a Master’s degree in Migration and Diaspora and another in Tourism Studies. Ghadeer has 12 years of experience in cultural heritage preservation and in 2017 she published a guidebook “Bethlehem: the historic centre and Bethlehemites in Jerusalem”. She works as a trainer and consultant in cultural heritage, community engagement and sustainable tourism.

Hana Sham Scent started out of passion and interest in telling inherited urban stories by examining new trends, to revive the vibrant memory of Palestinian cities. Hana Sham Scent was designed to take the Levantines on a journey towards home through memories that built the region’s identity. It aims to enhance public appreciation for urban heritage through new designs in stationary exhibitions, talks, tours and discussions which aim to reveal the richness of the Levant culture.